Once they find out about the April 19, 2021, issue, that morning, at dawning, the birdies will sing, ...

April 01 2021



Inside the April 19, 2021, Issue of National Review

Jack Fowler

Once they find out about the April 19, 2021, issue, that morning, at dawning, the birdies will sing, and everything . . . Yes, it is a big and bursting edition, a very special one, about California, and about — leaving it.

Assembled into three sections (“What Made California Great,” “California’s Self-Destruction,” and “Can California Be Saved?”) the issue’s twenty pieces cover the rise and fall, the glory-days past and the grim present and the does-it-have-a-chance future, the splendor and the squalor, of dry valleys and washed-up boondoggles, of the Golden State.

We’ll suggest a few more pieces than usual for your consideration: Will Swaim laments how California’s delightful suburbs have gotten a bum rap, David Bahnsen explains “The Exodus,” exstatriate Ben Shapiro describes his new life in Florida, Michael Gibson profiles the progressive D.A. who has let mayhem fester in the City by the Bay, Michael Tanner analyzes rampant homelessness, Bruce Thornton shares the saga of the San Joaquin Valley, Shawn Regan truthtells about disastrous forest management, Adam Summers and Lawrence McQuillan analyze the destructive power of government unions, Kyle Smith profiles the recall-fodder governor, Gavin Newsom, while Jay Nordlinger looks at his leading recall-challenger, former San Diego mayor Kevin Faulconer.

The drill has been carried out before, and is repeated here: If you sun-kissed misses and misters are in possession of an oh-so-affordable NRPLUS membership, the entire fragrant bouquet of Golden State brilliance is yours to enjoy, immediately. Smell the sun-blooming bowers of flowers coming from the entire archive of NR, and from all those “NRPLUS”-designated articles you sure wish you could access. Go ahead — sniff! Ahhhh! Now . . . access! Become an NRPLUS member right here, right now.

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