The FBI has asked Tony Bobulinski, former business partner of Hunter Biden, to sit for an interview on Friday, Senator Ron Johnson (R., Wis.) told reporters.

Bobulinski was initially scheduled to give an interview on Friday to members of various Senate committees regarding his knowledge of business deals involving the Biden family, potentially including Joe Biden. Formerly the CEO of SinoHawk Holdings, a partnership between Hunter and James Biden and the now-defunct Chinese energy firm CEFC, Bobulinski has alleged that Joe Biden knew of his son’s overseas business dealings despite repeated denials.

“This morning lawyers for Tony Bobulinski informed the [Senate committees] that the FBI asked his client to sit for an interview today in addition to providing copies of his phones,” Johnson said in a statement. “Mr. Bobulinski has agreed to honor his commitment to sit for an interview in the near future with the Committees.”

Johnson also thanked the FBI for stepping in to the case.

“I appreciate that the FBI has a job to do, [and] I am glad they are finally taking an interest in these concerning financial matters our Committees have been investigating for months,” Johnson said.

Bobulinski provided emails, text messages, and other documents to the Senate Homeland Security Committee earlier this week detailing Hunter Biden’s dealings regarding SinoHawk. Some of those text messages allegedly describe a meeting between Joe Biden and Bobulinski on May 2, 2017. A May 13 email, also confirmed by Bobulinski, purportedly shows that Joe Biden was offered a 10 percent stake in the SinoHawk deal.

President Trump and allies have sought to highlight the relationship between Hunter Biden and his father, alleging possible instances of corruption. A Senate Intelligence Committee report in September scrutinized transactions between Hunter Biden and foreign firms, including his connections to CEFC and its former head Ye Jianming, a businessman who had access to Chinese Communist Party and People’s Liberation Army officials.

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FBI to Interview Hunter Biden Business Partner

The FBI has asked Tony Bobulinski, former business partner of Hunter Biden, to sit for an interview on Friday, ... READ MORE


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