Voters deserve to have a sense of how Republicans intend to wield power.
August 29 2022
August 29 2022
The Editors

The Missing Republican Agenda

Voters deserve to have a sense of how Republicans intend to wield power. Here are some proposals for a conservative policy ...   READ MORE


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NATO Is Getting More Unbalanced

The war in Ukraine is highlighting the very problems that were undermining NATO — the unwillingness of Europeans ...

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Heartbeat, a network of pregnancy-help organizations, is on the frontlines of efforts to assist women seeking to ...


Media Fall Hook, Line, and Sinker for White House Spin on Biden’s Student-Loan...

The White House accused GOP critics of hypocrisy for accepting Covid-loan relief — and the media ate it up.

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Self-Driving Cars Will Save Countless Lives

Policy-makers must keep up with technological developments in automobiles so that better cars can save ...

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Biden’s Appeasement in Afghanistan Endangers Us All

One year after the Biden administration's catastrophic withdrawal from Kabul, a dramatic shift in the U.S. posture ...

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Presidential fantasies, &c.

On our fiscal house, our political rhetoric, the Arizona GOP, the game of golf, outstanding families, and ...


Glenn Youngkin Vows to Fight Virginia Law Tying State to California’s Gas-Vehicle Ban

Under a 2021 Virginia law signed by former Governor Ralph Northam, the state must adopt California’s ...








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