And NATO finds itself in an appalling position.
February 26 2023
February 26 2023
Andrew Stuttaford

Ukraine Becomes a War of Attrition on Two Fronts

The stronger Ukraine is, and the stronger the backing that it enjoys, the less likely that Putin or a successor will convince himself ...   READ MORE


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Andrew T. Walker

Resist the Post-liberal Temptation

A group of anti-modernity thinkers makes important points, but offers seriously defective solutions (if any). ...

Madeleine Kearns

Does Being Christian Disqualify Politicians from Leadership Now?

A ridiculous uproar in Scotland over Kate Forbes's thoughts on same-sex marriage shows how secular public life in ...


UNC–Chapel Hill Drops DEI Hiring Requirement amid Growing Backlash

The announcement comes on the heels of the unanimous decision by the university board of governors aimed at ...

Alberto R. Coll

Young Americans Are Increasingly Ungrateful. Here’s What to Do about It

Once most students ask themselves where they would rather live, they begin to understand that the United States ...

Sarah Schutte

Understood Betsy and the Joy of Small Discoveries

In this 1916 novel, a girl learns that doing things for yourself allows you to truly be ...

CJ Szafir and Madison Hartmann

Wisconsin Conservatives Introduce Transformational Tax Reform

To compete for jobs with states such as Florida, Tennessee, and Texas, Wisconsin needs to act now to enact ...


U.S. Marriage Rate Has Declined 60 Percent Since 1970, Study Shows

The decline has been particularly pronounced for black and Hispanic women.









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