Twitter, Facebook, et al. need transparent, viewpoint-neutral, First Amendment-based content policies.

May 07 2019


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The First Rule of Social-Media Censorship Is That There Are No Rules

David French

Twitter, Facebook, et al. need transparent, viewpoint-neutral, First Amendment-based content policies. Read More


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Amazon Prime Pulls back the Curtain on China’s Propaganda

Michael Auslin

Amazon’s economic failure in China may have given Bosch’s producers the artistic freedom to provide some of the reality so often missing from portrayals of China.

School May Erase Mural of George Washington Over Concerns It ‘Traumatizes Students’

Katherine Timpf

Administrators are concerned portions of the artwork offends Native American and African American students.

Gillibrand Vows to Only Nominate Judges Who Support Roe

Mairead McArdle

Campaigning for president Tuesday, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand promised to only nominate judges who will uphold Roe v. Wade.


We’ve Heard Enough from Robert Mueller

Rich Lowry

Mueller is going to be asked to expand on his already-expansive report that not only blew through Justice Department regulations, but inverted the long-standing burden of proof in the Anglo-American legal tradition.

Why the Left Mocks the Bible

Dennis Prager

The Left mocks the Bible, the most important book in American history, because it places eternal truth above reason and our physical world.

The latest Windsor babe, &c.

Jay Nordlinger

I remember when William and Harry -- offspring of Diana and Charles -- were born. And now Harry has had one, with his Meghan. This new little fellow is an American, sort of, isn’t he?

Down and Out? Try Federalism

Kevin D. Williamson

Federalism is not just a way for Republicans in Washington to avoid having to talk about the icky “social issues.” It is a way for us to live together, decently, at peace and in liberty.

White House Directs McGahn Not to Turn Over Documents to House

Mairead McArdle

Don McGahn was directed by the White House to ignore a congressional subpoena seeking documents related to Special Counsel Robert Mueller's final report.




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