Fifty years later, her observations on American atomization and despair feel eerily contemporary.

June 30 2019


What Joan Didion Saw

Mary Spencer

The people Didion writes about could not be more distinct, but all share the bleakness of living in the shadow of a progressive dream that never is realized. Read More


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Last Century’s Absurd Immigration Debate

George Will

Today’s debate pales in comparison to the sickening eugenics talks surrounding immigration in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

The Disciplinary Corporation

Kevin D. Williamson

Nike is willing to act as an instrument of Chinese nationalism, just as firms such as Facebook and Google are willing, and sometimes even eager, to knuckle under to political pressure from governments as different as the one in Beijing and the one in Berlin.

Catholic Bishop Escorts Migrants over Border to Protest U.S. Immigration Policy

Jack Crowe

A Catholic bishop escorted migrants across a bridge spanning the U.S.–Mexico border on Friday in an act of protest against U.S. immigration policy.


The Democrats Have No Answer for Mitch McConnell. Good.

David French

If a Democrat is elected president in 2020 but the GOP holds the Senate, Mitch McConnell would any block left-wing schemes.

The Buttigieg Illusion

Rich Lowry

Buttigieg would seem perfect on paper to reach out beyond the woke white element of the party. This isn’t how he’s running, though.

America’s Most Educated, Engaged Citizens Are Making Politics Worse

David French

It turns out that the people who care the most about politics have the least understanding of their political opponents.

Angela Rye Knows You’re Racist

John Hirschauer

Angela Rye has insisted upon a world so simple and solid that one wonders whether she thinks her audience sane.

SCOTUS Won’t Revive Alabama Law Banning Dismemberment Abortion

Jack Crowe

The Supreme Court declined Friday to revive an Alabama law that would ban dismemberment abortions.




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