A weekend at American Muslims for Palestine’s annual convention

December 05 2019



Radical ‘Anti-Zionist’ Activists Show Their True Colors in Chicago

Steve Emerson

'Anti-Zionist' radicals showed their true anti-Semitic colors at American Muslims for Palestine's annual convention in Chicago last weekend. Read More


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Give Me Liberty: The Making of American Exceptionalism

Richard Brookhiser with Luke Thompson

A new, limited episode podcast examining thirteen historical documents and recounting their role in the development of liberty.

We Do Not Need to Expand Social Security

Andrew G. Biggs

Social Security requires changes to ensure solvency and to better protect against poverty in old age, but Americans’ retirement incomes and retirement savings have never been stronger.

Impeachment Witness Turley Claims Home, Professorship Threatened during Testimony

Tobias Hoonhout

George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley claimed that he has received 'threatening messages' over opposing President Trump’s impeachment.


A Movement Built on Sand

Alexandra DeSanctis

A New York Times article reveals an abortion-rights movement fractured and uncertain, waiting for Roe v. Wade to tumble.

Presidential Misconduct: Some Historical Perspective

David Harsanyi

Once Gerhardt argued that Trump’s conduct was “worse than the misconduct of any prior president,” we no longer had any intellectual obligation to take him seriously on the topic.

NATO Is Still Essential

The Editors

An alliance that has such a record of historical success deserves better statesmanship today.

Who Watches the Watchmen?

Victor Davis Hanson

Our investigatory agencies should function like the First Amendment: protecting both free speech we admire and unpopular speech that most prefer not to hear.

Black South Bend Councilman-Elect Blasts Buttigieg’s Mayoral Record: ‘We Need Someone...

Tobias Hoonhout

Councilman-elect Henry Davis Jr. blasted mayor Pete Buttigieg on Thursday, in the latest African-American criticism leveled at the presidential candidate.

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Ghost: My Thirty Years as an FBI Undercover Agent

Michael R. McGowan & Ralph Pezzullo

“An excellent look into the murky world of Undercover. McGowan proves to be one of the top UCAs in the FBI. A must read.”

Joseph Pistone, aka Donnie Brasco


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