Hot off the presses and in the mail, but ready right here and now for those sporting an NRPLUS subscription ...

December 20 2019



Inside the December 31, 2019, Issue

Jack Fowler

Hot off the presses and in the mail, but ready right here and now for those sporting an NRPLUS subscription, the final NR issue of this wild year awaits your eager conservative eyes, and yes, it will thoroughly please, if only because of Charlie Cooke’s terrific cover essay taking CNN to task. The once-news channel has become – as Charlie puts it – a “peculiar and unlovely hybrid of progressive propaganda outlet, oleaginous media apologist, sexless cultural scold, and frenzied Donald Trump stalkerblog.” Published along with this gem of scorn and commentary are numerous excellent pieces, including John J. Miller’s account of his visit to the Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh (and the pop artist’s surprising, to many, religious influence), Philip Wallach’s review of the Trump Administration’s failed efforts to have a lasting impact on regulations, and Douglas Murray’s analysis of the Tories’ big win and the end to the hamstringing of Brexit. There’s plenty more between the covers, including, as is our seasonal custom, a Christmas story by the late Aloïse Buckley Heath (this time, it’s the beloved classic, “A Trapp Family Christmas”).

The new NR is the best and most unimpeachable way to wrap up 2019, and to prepare yourself for 2020’s looming hulabaloo. So do enjoy, and after you’ve done that, and you recall that you still haven’t gotten that Christmas present for that special conservative someone, recall this too: It’s not too late to give a gift subscription of NR.

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